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The level of available worm will be restricted to 500g maximum purchase, our website platform will not allow us to fix the drop down, which will allow people to buy more. However, customers will only be sent 1 500g bag and refunded the outstanding balance.

This has been a very devastating year for our company, but with hard work and focus we will forge forward and endeavour to get production levels back on track. We are breeding living organisms that take a certain time to grow in this case it’s 15 weeks, things cannot be rushed, once you lose 3 weeks of production there is no way to get it back unfortunately.

I’m sorry for the problems that this may cause you all, but we are trying to make sure that all customers get something to feed their animals.

Dean Jackson

Managing Director of livefoods Direct.

Reptile Accessories & Food

Pet Reptiles need to live as close as possible as they would in their natural environment.  This means that specific living conditions need to be provided.  Most importantly, heating that is controlled within specific temperature ranges, lighting to provide sufficient UV, and adequate humidty.  They also need suitable substrate, somewhere to sleep, places to hide, things to climb and sit on, dishes for food and water.

Reptiles should eat a diet similar to what they would eat in the wild.  Reptile food must provide adequate nutrition, and supplements should be ised to help ensure they get all the nutrients they need.  Dried reptile food can be very convenient to use as part of a balanced diet.

It is also a good idea to have temporary housing for any trips to the vets.

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