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During the weekend of 12th May one of our cabins went up to 38 degrees and wiped out 2-3 weeks of our smaller worm production. Unfortunately this will affect our ability to supply our normal levels regular mealworms for the next 2 – 3 weeks so we have had to remove 2kg, 4kg 6kg and 10kg quantities for this period. Also all our Small Regular Mealworms have been removed from sale

Rain Forset Substrate Coarse 10 Ltrs

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Rain Forest Substrate Coarse 10 Litres

(Pine Bark)A very high quality dust free orchid grade granulated bark for use in wet or dry conditions. Useful for maintaining high humidity levels. An ideal substrate for humidity-loving reptiles.Instructions for use:Preparation. Pour the Rain Forest Substrate into the bottom of the vivarium.In Use: Remove any soiled chips as necessary. Use fresh Bark Chips every 3 months or more frequently if heavily soiled. Note: As with all substrates, in order to prevent ingestion of bedding materials whilst feeding please ensure you either remove the reptile from the enclosure or place food on a feeding dish.

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