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Reptiluxe Calci-Pure 100g (Z)

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Pure calcium, ultrafine dusting powder. Adheres to insects like no other product. Insects remain dusted for longer ensuring your reptile gets the calcium they need even if they are not consumed immediately. Best combined with correct use of ultraviolet lighting where necessary.

Calcium is essential for a number of activities within the reptilian body, the main one being neuromuscular excitability. A lack of dietary calcium in captive reptiles has led to many thousands dying prematurely from metabolic bone disease.

Instructions for use:Feeder insects should be dusted prior to feeding, however it is essential to gut load the insects with nutritious food (such as progrub) at least 48 hours prior to use. Place insects in a plastic bag, add a pinch of dusting powder and shake gently.For herbivorous reptiles add half a teaspoon of calcium to salad on a daily basis, ensure it is mixed well.

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