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During the weekend of 12th May one of our cabins went up to 38 degrees and wiped out 2-3 weeks of our smaller worm production. Unfortunately this will affect our ability to supply our normal levels regular mealworms for the next 2 – 3 weeks so we have had to remove 2kg, 4kg 6kg and 10kg quantities for this period. Also all our Small Regular Mealworms have been removed from sale

Mealworms Regular Wildbirds 6 Tubs x 40g

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Wild Bird Packs

Ideal packs for feeding garden birds. If you wish you can just place the pack into your feeder to reduce handling.  Each pack contains 40g of worms (approximately 500 worms).The tub has a ventilated lid to circulate the air through the pack,  you can store them in this container and do not have to decant them into other storage boxes. 

6 x 40g tubs of regular Mealworms

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