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This is not a decision that I have taken lightly, as the only commercial breeder in England, I have been left with no choice but to stop selling mealworms, so that the worm production can catch up and be taken off at the right sizes. I have also been unable to purchase any from our European counterparts as they are having problems too.

During the last five weeks, we have had many problems, some through human error which has devastated three weeks of production, which in turn depleted our refrigerated stock within 14 days. The increase in sales due to other companies not having stock, which has caused problems, we have had to take off worms that should normally have been taken off for sales nearly a week later.

There are three species of crickets and locust available if you need to feed your animals.

I'm sorry for the problems that this may cause you all.

Dean Jackson

Managing Director of livefoods Direct.

Banded Crickets Small (Tropical House Crickets) Size 2 5-8mm

Banded Crickets are native to Southern Europe. Our breeding insects are fed on Progrub, bran and potato making them a safe, clean and inexpensive insect. Crickets are rich in protein and relatively easy to store. They are sold in a variety of sizes to suit all needs.


Brown (banded) crickets proved themselves to be far more nutritious than their rival Black Crickets and Silent Crickets in recent laboratory tests. Brown (banded) crickets were proved to have a higher calorific value and to contain higher levels of protein than both their rivals.

Why would anyone want to pay more? Brown (banded) crickets represent a genuine, honest, superb deal for livefood buyers. Probably the best value for money on the UK internet today. Maybe we should call them Super Crickets?

The tests came out as follows:

Tests were performed by Foodtest laboratories on behalf of Livefoods Direct on April 26th 2010.

Energy Values kcal/kJ per 100g164 / 687130 / 546153 / 640
Protein % (Nx6.25) (A4)21.415.214.7
Fat % (By Extraction) (A5)
Carbohydrate % (By Diff) (A8)
Moisture % (A2)
Ash & (A3)
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